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Out of the box | Virtual Compliance | For Better Outcomes
Want to grow a retail ‘advice’ business without drowning under the never-ending ‘legacy-liability’ and to have your compliance resources help the growth of your business rather than hinder it?.read on.

Looking back on an advice process has always been a matter of guess-work and only partially assisted by decent, available documentation. Technology now lets us see into any customer interaction while retaining security and minimising any detrimental impact on any the meetings. Once the recording is secured it can be used in numerous ways to improve your business…..see how

Using state-of-art software the recordings can be indexed so that key words or conversations can be identified and analysed quickly and easily. Imagine being able to listen to ‘ATR’ conversations instantly without having to listen through hours of conversation. Imagine being able to identify any meeting where key disclosures were missing or inappropriate things said. …..see how

Our compliance and supervision experts, working remotely, will use phonetic dashboards to provide a full supervision and monitoring service- focusing on the consumer outcomes- the experts will review the meetings, look for areas of risk or misunderstanding, carry out customer contact as required and, working with advisers, assist in their training and development needs…..see how


​What are your biggest risks in 2017 and what controls do you have in place to mitigate them?
How can you better align your costs with your revenue through outsourcing instead of employing expensive staff and resources? 
What do your customers think of you and how can you improve client confidence and the customer journey?

What have you changed post RDR and how is it working out for you?
What are you doing to control legacy business in your organisation and how can you reduce exposure to it?
What have you done to put ethics at the heart of your business and how do you measure it's success?
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